Challenge Roth 2012

My first long distance race. This was a very special race for me as my  father (Phil) and a good mate (Gregor) and I were all racing together. This was the first long distance race for Gregor and I.  Just to put a bit of pressure on me I was getting married in one week…


Tristar 2012

This is my first race for 2012 and I was feeling really excited to race. This was nearly a perfect race for me. I hit all the splits I had planned and tested in training.  With only a few km’s left of the run I made a slight mis-calculation on my nutrition (one gel short). What…


My 1st Marathon 2011

My first marathon and a good wake up call to see how it is to run a marathon in preparation for my first long distance race next year. My preparation for this race went really well and so did the race. My goal for this race – 3:30. I finished the race in 3:31, so…


Hamburg Olympic Distance 2011

The weather was ordinary in the morning but improved as the day went on. Generally the swim is my best leg but I found the water was really cold and found the swim hard. The bike and run were Both a lot of fun with my over all finish time of 2:26:55 – getting quicker!

TRISTAR Worms 2011

This was a great pre race hit out before I attempted my first Ironman 70.3 distance race. This race consisted of, 1 km swim, 100km bike and 10 km run. This was a superb race to understand what it would be like to run after 90km plus bike whilst not taxing my body too much.…