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About me


Wade Weightman

Hello, my name is Wade Weightman.  I am a Triathlon Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Fitness Specialist. I have been Coaching and Personal Training since 2006. Originally from the Gold Coast, Australia and currently living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany for the past 10 years.
From the early ages of 8 my love of surf life saving and cross country running has led me to my passion of sports and fitness.  My specialties are open water swimming and running. I can help you by building your body for strength and endurance and to make you feel and look great for that summer time beach body.

Through my passion of Sports and Fitness, I have gained knowledge though personal experience and have over a dozen Certifications from my Master Fitness Trainer Certification, Yoga Teacher and  A licence in Long Distance Triathlon, through the Deutsche (German) Triathlon Union.

Nutrition is also as important as fitness, hence why I am also a Fitness Nutrition Coach

If you want to succeed in your Fitness and Triathlon goals, build your confidence in Open Water swimming, qualify for the World Championships, or just want to look, move and feel great.  Let me guide and show you the pathway to your Fitness success.

“The Secret of getting ahead, is getting started” – Mark Twain

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I hope you enjoy it.

Coach Wade Weightman
“Consistency is the Key to Success”

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Triathlon and Marathon Coaching

My coaching philosophy is to make the most of your fitness and sporting goals. As your coach I will assist you in setting personal goals and keeping you motivated and amped to the highest possible level. Keeping your training consistent I want to guide you in the right direction. Whether your running a Marathon , wanting to finish your first Ironman Triathlon or qualify for the Ironman Triathlon World Championships. Training is all about TIME EFFICIENCY and NO junk miles. “Consistency is the Key” to great results.

Personal Training


1:1 Personal Training


Over the 12 years plus of Personal Training experience I have developed a theory to help my clientele and athletes succeed in their fitness goals. From losing weight, to general fitness, or qualifying for World Championships in Hawaii, I want to guide you on that journey to success. As your Personal Trainer I will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your goals.

If you want movement, speed, agility, and Power – Strength and Conditioning is what you need. Through this specific training you will build the specific skills and strength for your Fitness goals. I can help you improve your performance or reach that summer Body with success.


Online Personal Training


Consistency and hard work is key here for results. Through personalized training plans, you will succeed in your fitness goals with Quality workouts and leaving all the time-wasting exercises for someone else. You will have everything you need to know, on how to get bigger, Leaner, Stronger, and Fitter!

Your personalized fitness programs will be updated weekly and adapted to your personal and work life.

Don’t wait any longer!





How Can Corporate Fitness Help Improve Your Business Environment And Team? It has been proven that when employees are happy with themselves and physically, they are more efficient at work. Being fitter and happier with yourself thus reducing your chances of falling ill so often. This means that your Employee and Team will be motivated, proactive and happier in your working environment. This in return brings more profit and success to your company.
Make your Business Team Fitter and happier in their work-life balance today!


Online Coaching

  • Initial Interview
  • Weekly updates
  • Update due to personal and worklife adjustments
  • Online Plattform
  • Detailed Swim programs
  • Specification and control of training Intensities

165,-  per month – any time cancelation (beginning of each month)

120,- per month (12 month contract)

140,- per month ( 6 month contract)

1:1 Personal Training & Yoga

  • One on One sessions
  • Personalised training for goals
  • Strict technique corrections

135 € / 60 mins 

1800 € / 15 x 60 mins (120€/session)

3300 € / 30 x 60 mins (110€/session)

Online Personal Training

  • Weekly Updates
  • Update on Sets, Repetitions and weight
  • Different Phases of Training
  • Specific Training Goals
  • Weight/Fat loss
  • Fitness
  • Sport specific

165 €  per month – any time cancelation (beginning of each month)

120 € per month (12 month contract)

140 € per month ( 6 month contract)

Nutrition Coach


  • Race day and Pre and Post race day Nutrition Plan (guideline)
  • 100 € / 60 mins


  • 12 week Fitness Nutrition plan (guide line)
  • Goal specific – Weight Loss, Muscle gain or Leaning Up
  • 299 €

Individual Services

  • Competition Support All Day
  • Sprint and Olympic 200 €
  • 70.3 and Ironman 350 €

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Starting to train can be hard. So let me help you to make it a really fun experience!


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